Mr Krave - Blueberry and Apple Fruitz 100ml 0mg/120ml 3mg
[Mr Krave]

Mr Krave - Blueberry & Apple Fruitz 

Comes in 100ml 0mg and 120ml 3mg (2 x 10ml 18mg nicotine shots)

Fresh blueberries and great tasting apples, combine to give you a unique fruit blend.


Its comes in a 150ml bottle, this allows enough room to properly shake and mix the nicontine shots if they are required.

We recommend adding 1 x 10ml nicotine shot and shaking very very well and leaving for a couple of hours or overnight, taste and if not strong enough add the 2nd 10ml bottle of nicotine and repeat shaking process. Some people find one nic shot is enough.


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