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    Blue Bubblegum & Sweet Peach Ice
  • Four Amazing Flavours
    Blue Bubblegum  & Blue Berry and Apple Fruits
  • Orange and Guava  & Blue Berry and Apple Fruits
    Sweet Peach Ice & Orange and Guava
Welcome to the Mr. Krave online shop.

The home of Mr Krave E-Liquid, unique original blends created by us.

Our focus is Great Products, Great Service and Great Prices.

Our mission is to see all smokers give up the deadly cigarette and become vapers, improving their health and saving them loads of money.

Mr Krave E-Liquid is a small family run business based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

The e-liquid is manufactured in our Class 7 Cleanroom in our dedicated manufacturing unit. The air is changed 60 times an hour to maintain the purist of environments to produce the e-liquid. This is to ensure the highest quality e-liquid is produced safely and under tight controls.

At Mr Krave E-Liquid our belief is:

Great Products – Great Prices – Great Service